Julian Vargas
Mobile Assistive Technology Training, Consulting, Tech Support, and Presentations

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Mobile Assistive Technology is the future. Empowering blind and low-vision users to better understand and harness the full potential afforded by both specialized and mainstream technologies to help us live fuller and richer lives is my passion. I can teach you how to use many of today's popular mobile solutions such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and the many powerful apps that are available to increase your independence and productivity. Need help deciding what solutions would be the best for you? I can provide individual consultation designed to help you make informed choices that will best serve your specific needs. I can also provide individual or group training as well as tech support via phone. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to learn more about these services.

I have presented at the Best in Tech Conference the CCLVI/ACB National Convention, The Braille Institute Los Angeles as well as several events hosted by the NFBC San Fernando Valley Chapter. I also facilitate an Assistive Technology focused discussion group called "Tech Talk" which meets quarterly in Tarzana CA. Thanks to AIRSLA (Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles) www.airsla.org I've been able to contribute to several Podcasts dedicated to the discussion of mobile and other Assistive Technology solutions. Here are links to some recent events and podcasts where I  spoke and participated:

Presentation about the iPhone 7 at the Best in Tech 2016

CBS News story where I was featured demonstrating the Be My Eyes app for IOS - February 2015

Presentation about the latest Accessible GPS Solutions for iPhone and Android at the Best in Tech 2013 Conference

Tech Talk discussion of iPhone 6, 6 Plus, new iPads and IOS 8 Accessibility bugs and work arounds - October 2014

Discussion and comparison of IOS and Android April 2013

All About Smartphones podcast series on AIRSLA

IOS Resources

Developer resources IOS/Mac

If you are interested in arranging training, classes for small groups, consulting, tech support, public speaking or want to learn more about the Tech Talk Discussion Group please contact me via email at: help@techjv.com or call: 818-794-9554